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Director General Telecom is an apex level office of Department of Telecommunications. This Office acts as head of the DoT field units in all the 22 Licensed Service Areas (LSAs) located across the country.

Headquarter of Director General Telecom is at New Delhi.

DG Telecom is supported by a team consisting of one Additional DGT and five Deputy Director Generals at Headquarter.


Shri Ajay Kumar Sahu, Director General Telecom
Shri Ajay Kumar Sahu
Director General Telecom

LSAs are the pillars for implementing the policies of Department of Telecom on ground level and towards that end, it is heartening to note that LSAs are doing appreciable work. For instance, in 5G rollout LSAs have worked in close coordination with State Government for Right of Way permissions and facilitating Telecom Service providers. This has helped in India witnessing the fastest 5G rollout in the World.

Our Country is undergoing a rapid digital transformation that is reshaping the economy and ensuring wellbeing of the people. With new technologies such as 5G, 6G, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), India is poised to unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation. Further, Cyber security, Startup ecosystem, skill development etc. are important frontiers where Department has an important role to play.

I am sure that in this transformative age of technology, LSAs will keep performing with their high team spirit.

Telecommunications is the backbone of modern society, enabling seamless communication that transcends geographical boundaries. The sector has witnessed exponential growth over the last few years and currently India is the world’s second largest telecom market in terms of subscriber base.

The Government is steadfast in its commitment to further the outreach of telecom and information technology sectors to achieve the goal of digital empowerment . Department’s focus has been on creating a conducive environment for telecom service providers and other stakeholders, and reducing the compliance burden, so as to enable the industry to flourish leading to improved well-being of the people of India.

Shri Ravi G.R.
Advisor, O/o Director General Telecom

We are indeed today at an extremely crucial phase of the revolution happening in Indian telecommunications where we aim for a technology driven transformation by fully harnessing the tremendous potential of telecommunications in order to leapfrog towards a brighter future. I am sure that with the present renewed focus on strengthening our telecommunications sector, we would soon be able to achieve our objective of inclusive growth.

Smt. Sunita Chandra Additional Director General Telecom
Smt. Sunita Chandra
Additional Director General Telecom

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Under the leadership of Addl. DGT Naresh Khanna an ISP Conference was organised by the Technology vertical of the Punjab LSA on 24/4/2024.

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