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Message from Assam LSA head

The Department of Telecommunications is striving to play the role of an enabler for the growth of the telecommunications sector and thereby, that of the digital economy. With a vision of 100 % tele density and to provide world class Telecom Infrastructure in the remotest corner of the State. Assam License Service Area office is working hard in consultation with all TSPs/ISPs/IPs and State Govt. Presently two USOF projects are running in Assam to provide quality telecom services in remote and hilly areas..

Shri S. K. Verma Addl. DGT Assam

Assam LSA Success Stories

Assam LSA on 22nd September 2023 organised a workshop on ” Start-ups of Assam – Innovating in Communication Technology and 5G Use cases”. Speakers from IIT GUWAHATI RESEARCH PARK FOUNDATION and Start-ups under its umbrella gave presentations on the products being developed by them. CTO, Rel Jio, Assam delivered a presentation on 5G use cases and role being played by the TSP in proliferation of 5G coverage as well as use cases. Officials of Govt. Of Assam organisations like AMTRON, ASDMA, Skill , TSPs, ISPs participated in the workshop and made it a success.

Assam LSA successfully organized a Seminar on “Business Opportunities in Telecom Sector for entrepreneurs in Assam” on 09.12.2022 for spreading awareness regarding the initiatives of Department of Telecommunications for encouraging MSMEs, R&D in the field of telecom, 5G and IOT/ M2M use cases and opportunities for entrepreneurs in Assam. The program was attended by approximately 100 guests which included members of Assam Chambers of Commerce, Telecom Franchisees, M2M service providers, AMTRON-Govt. of Assam among others. Speakers form CDOT Bangalore, a leading M2M company from NOIDA, AMTRON, Airtel and DOT Assam LSA delivered the lectures.

Assam Latest Post

8th State Broadband Committee (SBC) meeting of Assam

8th State Broadband Committee (8th SBC) Meeting was conducted by DoT Assam LSA under the Chairmanship of Shri Syedain Abbasi, IAS, Spl. CS, Govt. Of Assam on 4th March-2024. Various issues related to Right of Way (RoW), 5G Rollout and BSNL 4G Saturation project were discussed and important decisions taken to expedite the implementations of different Govt. of India schemes for facilitating faster proliferation of the Broadband infrastructure in the State of Assam. dissemination of alert messages to the citizens in shortest possible time.

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