IMEI  Check

  • “Know Your Mobile (KYM)” facility – IMEI Check before buying Mobile
    Know Your Mobile (KYM) facility for verification of International Equipment Identity Register (IMEI) of Mobile Device is available for the citizens. Through KYM, the validity of our mobile device can be checked even before buying it. IMEI is written on the mobile packaging box. It can also obtained from the mobile bill/invoice or by dialing *#06# in the mobile device. If the status of the mobile IMEI is shown as Blacklisted, duplicate or already in use, we should avoid buying the mobile. KYM can be used through any of the following 3 methods:
    1. SMS: Type KYM <15 digit IMEI number> and send SMS to 14422
    2. KYM app: Download the KYM app from Play Store (for android) or from App store (for iOS)
    3. Web Portal at
  • Stolen /Lost Mobile phone (IMEI) blocking and tracking
    Department of Telecommunications (DoT) maintains a Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) portal where in citizens can report Stolen/lost mobile handsets. Such phones are blacklisted thereby making it unusable for miscreants on PAN India basis. The system helps State Police in tracing the Stolen/Lost Mobile sets thereby enabling them to return the same to citizens and taking action on miscreants as well. CEIR portal also aims to curtail the counterfeit mobile phone market and cloning of mobile handsets in India.