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Uttar Pradesh West
Uttar Pradesh West

About Uttar Pradesh - West LSA

The Dept of Telecommunications , Government of India identifies the UPW Licensing service area (UPW LSA) as vital area to leverage the strength of Telecommunications  to provide the connectivity to all with objectives to achieve just and equitable growth.

 UP(W) LSA has the territorial jurisdiction  spread over 27 districts of Uttar Pradesh and  13 districts of Uttarakhand. It is responsible for licensing,  regulation,  compliance and coordination among all stakeholders and TSPs relating to all forms of Telecommunications services.  It also deals with Telecommunications   Security related matters and coordination with Security agencies and TSPs regarding lawful interceptions, detection of illegal exchanges etc. LSA is also responsible for matters related to Electro-magnetic radiations from TSP installations and disposal of complaints at Tarang Sanchar portal .  It also supports the state governments to IPv6  transition.