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Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu LSA Directory

Name of Officer Post/Designation Official mail ID Telephone Number
Shri. Sanjeev Kumar Bidwai Special DGT, TN LSA 4428251011
Shri. Kailash Chandra Panday Additional DGT TN LSA 4428251002
Shri. S. Sudhakar DDG(S) 4428251118
Shri. S Parthiban DDG(R) 4428251005
Shri. K.P. Mohan DDG(A) 4428250030
Shri. Suresh Kumar KSR DDG (T) 4426412628
Shri. Momidi Venaiah Director (Admin) 4428220090
Director(TI) 4428251120
Shri. Momidi Venaiah Director(R) 4428270966
Director(TII) (Temporarily upgraded from ADG post) 4428272440
Director (CII)(Temporarily upgraded from ADG post) 4428251006
Shri. Momidi Venaiah Director(CI) 4428220090
Director (S) 4426604728
ADG (Admin) with additional charge of ADG (Compliance)
Shri. Srikanth Vaddepally ADG (Rural) with additional charge of ADG (Security)
Shri. Viswa Chaitanya Reddy P ADG (Technology) with additional charge of ADG (Compliance)
Shri. Pandit Subhakth Alen Anurag AD (Security)
Smt. Prema Latha P AD ( Complaince), 4428251733
Smt. Ramya Bhuvana N AD (Admin) and DDO 4428251009
Shri. Shunmugom A AD (PG and MIS) 4428251736
Shri. Saravana Kumar G AD (security)
Shri.Aravind Kannan AD (Technology1)
Shri.Mohamed Ilias AD (Technology) 
Shri. R.Devika AD (Rural)
Shri. N. Ramachandran Consultant (ADMN/ PG/Legal/MIS/RTI) 4428251009
Shri. M Umayorbagan Consultant (EMF) 4428251736
Shri. Benny Chinnappan DDG( Compliance) / HoD 4222436400
Smt. Geetha Godwin Director( Rural ) 4222451144
Smt. Geetha Godwin Director ( Compliance ) 4222450020
Shri. Victor Samson H AD ( CAF) 4222451161
Shri. Victor Samson H AD ( SA) 4222451151
Shri. Victor Samson H AD ( EMF) 4222451114
Shri. Rohit Soni JTO( EMF) 4222451114
Shri. Victor Samson H AD (Admin) and DDO
JTO [ DDO/Admin/ Coimbatore] 4222451161
Shri. P. Jaya Kumar Consultant (CAF and Rural)